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ZODE Machinery. is a high-tech enterprise, integrating R&D, production  sales, dedicating to whole complete automatic household tissue production line equipment raw paper to finished package, offering perfect solutions to maximize value for customers. Its subsidiary is Liuzhou FEXIK Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our products include toilet rolls packing machine, kitchen towel packaging machine, facial tissue packing machine, toilet paper kitchen towel production line, facial tissue hand towel production line, other household tissue paper machines, which are exported to Middle East, Asian countries, Americas, Europe  Africa.

We have been committing to research innovation for many years, have a number of national invention patents full independent intellectual property rights, have passed international CE, ISO9001 certificates. Based on the recognition  support of many customers at home  abroad, ZODE Machinery will continue to enhance its core competitiveness, optimize product structure, improve management mechanisms actively introduce technical personnel. With strong technical strength, we continually commit to design, develop, promote our products, which  only can provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide with customized products.

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  • F-T8 Full Automatic Toilet rolls & kitchen towel rolls wrapper

    F-T8 Full Automatic Toilet rolls & kitchen towel rolls wrapper

    1)The double-layer wrapper provides a variety of packaging configurations for toilet roll kitchen towel. Fully automatic high speed multi-pack film wrapper for toilet roll kitchen towel,possesses a full range production in 1, 2layers.
    2)This wrapper is easy to operate. It is fully servo driven, controlled by the most advanced motion controller SIMOTION D, which allows an extremely reliable production process.The output speed can reach 160 packs/min which gives customers the leading edge for high quality package in high speed.
    3)User friendly HMI with aided operation & changeovers, variety of packaging configurations are available. This wrapper is designed have all kinds of packaging configurations according to customers’ requirements.
    4)Optional for 5 lanes infeed function vertical toilet rolls configuration.
    5)Selecting bearings, reducers, guide rails, sliders, various photoelectric are chosen the world's well-known brands. At the same time, rugged components are used in all areas to reduce vibration ensure long-term reliability
    6)This wrapper can pack perfectly even running in high speed.
    7)The use of motor adjustment is convenient quick, providing an extremely easy quick format changeover.

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  • Paper Roll Production Line

    Paper Roll Production Line

    It is the complete production line structure, the design considers the function of each part rewinder to packing machine, it assures the production line smooth efficient.
    It consists of 2 parts :
    1) Raw material rewinder log saw: consists of rewinder, accumulator, log saw cutter so on;
    2)Bag bundler: conveyor(standing unit, dividing unit so on), bundler machine roll wrapper.

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  • Automatic complete facial tissue production line

    Automatic complete facial tissue production line

    A complete converting facial tissue line A to Z consists of following machines:
    1) Folding machine
    2) Log saw cutting machine
    3) Single pack wrapping machine
    4) Multiple packs bundling packing machine
    5) Bundler stacking on the pallets
    6) Automatic carton box packing machine
    7) some conveyor belt diverters.

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  • ZD-7L Automatic bottom pulling tissue paper folding machine

    ZD-7L Automatic bottom pulling tissue paper folding machine

    Maximum diameter of parent reel 1500mm
    Height tissue paper logs 1 set
    Optional, such as 200-500 sheets products, the height is below 450mm (the number of layers grams of paper are different, the height is different), like hanging type tissue/ bottom pulling tissue paper, tissue paper logs can output directly the side of the wall panel. There is an external material belt clamping device connecting with the wall panel, it can turn 90°, then tissue paper logs directly go into log saw cutting machine.

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